The different course’s formats are :

  • 1 day, 2-3 days, 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Lectures or seminars are also offered.
  • If you have any specific needs regarding the content of the course or scheduling , Liz will gladly adapt to your demands. 
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The body, a constantly moving form in space. From its breathing, walking, to extreme movements, it is never still.

For opera, theater, dance and circus acts, how do we design for the body in movement with each discipline’s needs?

How do we create a costume that enhances the body, let it speaks its vocabulary? Is as functional as it is beautiful?

What makes a costume efficient with the ensemble of the show?

With her course : “The Consciousness of Costumes, how to design for the body in movement”, you will learn you how to :

  • Develop a consciousness about the body, how honour its potential, maximizing its expression, with a holistic and profound approach,
  • Look with the ‘eyes of your heart’, being attentive to the ‘true’ needs of the performer.
  • Evocate a concept, suggesting an idea without imposing too many elements on the body.
  • Balance the lines, understand the need for symetry or asymetry on the body.
  • Choose the most efficient fabrics to reach the ultimate concept and create a moment of grace on stage.

The program “Conciousness of Costumes”  is on the road to be taught anywhere and everywhere in the world:

  • In universities, colleges, theaters, art or textiles schools.
  • In programs such as costume, fashion and set design, or any course related directly or indirectly to artistic productions.
  • In schools or companies interested in offering their students or employees an opportunity to open their awareness on efficient designs.

Transforming your perception will transcend costume design into magic on stage !



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