For more than 25 years, the Vandal Company has worked in the design and production of stage costumes specializing in extreme movement, such as Ballet, Contemporary Dance and the Circus. Further collaborations include Film, Theatre, Opera and Special Events of all types. Every milieu is an infinite source of inspiration for Vandal!



Danse et cirque

Dance and Circus

25 years of exploration thru purity, simplicity, subtlety and design rigor to honor the body as the magnificent instrument serving movement. Vandal produces costumes that are as aesthetically as they are functional, with limitless creativity!



International Events

Vandal unfurls its imagination worldwide! Once Vandal’s creativity is at the service of any nation, thousands of costumes are created to glorify international events, such as ceremonies for Olympic Games or World Cups!



Cinema, Theatre and Television

Vandal’s boundless creativity can be found in all areas of the artistic community! Splendid concepts are adapted to each sphere of artistic activity with emphasis on beauty, comfort and elegance as always!


Vandal is proud to offer a whole new realm of concepts and possibilities!




Vandal now offers her creativity for uniforms accessories such as: scarves, bags etc. or for a complete “vandalizing” look with conventional and elegant uniforms!


Produits dérivés

Inspired Derivative Products

These products are like treasures carrying Vandal’s creativity, accessible to all ! May be cushions, handbags, bow ties … anything and everything to serve you!



Design environnemental

Environmental Design

To dress the body AND its surroundings, including the furniture!  Vandal participates in the  development of ”total surround design” concepts including furniture designs for special events, public spaces and shows!



Vandal consulting services include coaching, lectures and creative workshops with schools, businesses and corporations!




Customized On-site coaching for all types or enterprises !  First-hand observation of products, Analysis of both Conceptual as well as technical approaches, Study of prototypes and dynamics of creative teams !




Thru sharing her passions and philosophies, Liz’ pep talks always inspire, motivate and touch, leaving listeners with empowering thoughts. Showing ways to help innovate, reinvent yourself or rekindle the fire which animates the artist spirit within each of us!



Creative Workshops

Exercises to reconnect with your innate creativity.  Stop a controlling mind from obstructing your natural inspiration and organic creativity. Instead of intellectualizing the process, move into the action of creating.  Adopt the mantra: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


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